Race Phil — How to study, 2003 год

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How to study - Race Phil

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‘Essential Tips for Students’ is the ideal companion for all students at college or university. It contains around 1,000 practical tips, taking students from their first lectures through to their final exams and beyond. The book covers a wide range of concerns including: — Getting through assessments — how to write essays, give presentations, prepare for and sit exams. — Handling the ups and downs of being a student — how to manage disappointments and get out of trouble. — Getting a job — how to create a CV, write job applications and succeed at interview. All the tips are written in a jargon-free, friendly style and are illustrated with humorous cartoons. Essential Tips for Students helps students to use their study time wisely, productively and efficiently, so that they still have time to enjoy the rest of student life.

ISBN: 9781405106931
мягкая обложка, 160 стр.
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