Richard Koss — Jamaica, 2008 год

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Jamaica - Richard Koss

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With jammin’ parties and smooth sounds, sun-drenched beaches and tumbling waterfalls, Jamaica is an island of beauty and rhythm. Whether you want to get down to dancehall beats, explore the towering Blue Mountains or laze on the sand in Negril, discover the roots of this one-of-a-kind reggae nation with our insightful and comprehensive guide.
EXPLORE THE ISLAND — with our custom-tailored itineraries and more than 50 easy-to-use maps of cities and remote areas.
DIVE INTO ADVENTURE — comprehensive information on snorkeling, windsurfing, hiking, biking and much more bring Jamaica’s natural treasures to you.
FIND YOUR RHYTHM — swing into Jamaica’s sultry reggae nights at fun beachside bars and bumping dance clubs with our updated entertainment listings.
LEARN THE LANGUAGE — easy-to-use patois section gets you talkin’ Jamaican mon!

ISBN: 9781741046939
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