Robert Allen — Barron’s Pocket Dictionary and Thesaurus, 2009 год

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Barron's Pocket Dictionary and Thesaurus - Robert Allen

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This revised edition of the popular larger-format «Barron’s Dictionary & Thesaurus» packs more than 40,000 words with their definitions and synonyms into a handy pocket-sized book. The new edition is small enough so that students can conveniently fit it into a backpack, carry it to classes, and use it as a reliable reference when writing essays and term papers. It’s a two-in-one word guide, with the top portion of each page serving as a standard pocket dictionary and the bottom part of the page set up in a thesaurus format. Headwords in both sections are printed in color. Each dictionary headword is followed by its part of speech and definition. Every thesaurus headword—in addition to its list of synonyms—comes with an example sentence that uses the word in its standard context. The thesaurus section offers a total of approximately 100,000 synonyms for the book’s headwords. Corresponding dictionary and thesaurus entries are always cited on the same page for fast, easy reference.

ISBN: 978-0-7641-4305-2
мягкая обложка, 784 стр.
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Биология: животные, 7 класс (для интерактивных досок)
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