Rockport Publishers — Spd’S Solid Gold, 2006 год

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Spd'S Solid Gold -

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SPD’s Solid Gold: 40 Years of Award-Winning Magazine Design celebrates the most outstanding, innovative, and lasting achievements in editorial design published in the last 40 years. It is an aesthetic hall of fame and essential reference tool for graphic designers, artists, editors, photographers, and students.
SPD’s Solid Gold showcases only the most inspired visions in contemporary publication design history–the gold winners of the last 40 years chosen by some of the most respected professionals in the business. This book is a tome of the most legendary design, style, and vision of our ephemeral magazine pages.
The Society of Publication Designers is the only organization that specifically addresses the concerns of trade, corporate, institutional, newspaper, and consumer editorial art directors. The SPD encourages artistic excellence by annually judging the thousands of design professionals in the United States and abroad. The Society is based in New York City.

ISBN: 9781592532506
твердый переплет, 416 стр.
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