Roger Gastman — Freight Train Graffiti, 2006 год

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Freight Train Graffiti - Roger Gastman

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One of the largest and most exciting segments of the graffiti world has been left largely unexplored until now. Freight Train Graffiti is the first comprehensive insight into a subset of the graffiti world that has become the focal point for many graffiti artists today.
This book takes us on a fascinating visual journey through the freight train graffiti landscape, with stories, ideas and thoughts from over one hundred of the most influential and prolific freight train artists, many of whom have consented to interviews for the first time, and over 800 stunning illustrations of their work.
This is primarily an American tale, closely linked to the New York subways and the construction of the United States itself, but one that will inspire anyone who has ever been interested in graffiti.

ISBN: 9780500285961
мягкая обложка, 352 стр.
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