Ruth Brocklehurst — Roman Britain, 2006 год

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Roman Britain - Ruth Brocklehurst

Usborne Publishing / History of Britain
Almost 2,000 years ago, Britain was inhabited by tribes living a simple, rural life — but all this changed dramatically when the island was invaded by the formidable Roman army. The Romans stayed for the next 400 years, imposing their laws and their lifestyle. From battles and rebellions to food and fashion, find out what happened when the Britons became citizens of the mighty Roman empire. Covers every aspect of everyday life in Roman Britain in town and country, at work, at play and at war. Through the stories of some of the most famous figures of the time, this book outlines over 400 years of Roman influence in Britain, from Julius Caesar’s first invasions and Boudicca’s rebellion to the founding of Roman London and the building of Hadrian’s Wall, right up to the Roman withdrawal from Britain. Illustrated with a wide variety of different pictures including detailed dramatic artwork reconstructions, photographs of Roman mosaics, statues and other artifacts from Roman Britain and of Roman sites as they look today. Features a large picture map of Roman Britain, showing all the most important Roman sites, towns, roads and army forts.

ISBN: 9780746069974
твердый переплет, 48 стр.
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