Selley — Applied Sedimentology, 2000 год

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Applied Sedimentology - Selley

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There are three types of rock — igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary. Sedimentary rocks form from the weathering, erosion, transportation and deposition of older rocks. Applied Sedimentology describes the formation, transportation and deposition of sediment, and the post-depositional processes that change soft sediment into sedimentary rock. Sedimentary rocks include sandstones, limestones and mudstones. All the world s coal, most of its water and fossil fuels, and many mineral deposits occur in sedimentary rocks. Applied Sedimentology shows how the study of sediments aids the exploration for and exploitation of natural resources, including water, ores and hydrocarbons.
— Completely revised edition; Like its precursor, it describes sediments from sand grains to sedimentary basins; Features up-to date account and critique of sequence and cyclostratigraphy
— Extensively illustrated with photos and remotely sensed sea bed images describing sedimentary processes, products and depositional systems; Color plates illustrate sediment textures, lithologies, pore types, diagenetic textures, and carbonate and clastic sequence stratigraphic models
— Emphasises the applications of sedimentology to the exploration for and exploitation of natural resources, including water, ores and hydrocarbons
— Extensive references and up-to-date bibliography for further study.

ISBN: 9780126363753
твердый переплет, 523 стр.
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