Simon James — Ancient Rome

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Ancient Rome - Simon James

Dorling Kindersley / Eyewitness
The civilization of Ancient Rome has lived on in the buildings and artefacts that have survived to this day. This magnificent collection of specially commissioned photographs brings that history to life.
Starting with the origins of Rome and the influences of Greeks and Etruscans on its infant culture, the book features a catalogue of the greatest Roman Emperors and a survey of the Roman army. Learn about daily life, including what people ate, what they wore, and the gods they worshipped. A gladiator’s armour is shown and a cutaway model of the colosseum reveals in detail the structure of the bloody arena.
— A spectacular and informative guide to the fascinating story of Ancient Rome
— Superb, colour photographs of Roman armour, tools, jewellery, and more, give the reader a unique «eyewitness» insight into the history of the Roman Empire
— See
the sword of Tiberius, a gladiator’s helmet and shield, the contents of a Roman buriel urn, real food cooked from Roman recipes, marbles Roman children played with and inside the colosseum
— Learn
how the Romans built roads, why the baths were so popular, how Roman physicians healed the sick, why the army was so efficient, and how wine was made
— Discover
how sea battles were staged in the colosseum, what Roman children learned at school and how Roman society was organized

ISBN: 9780863184451
твердый переплет, 64 стр.
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