Steve Parker — Mammal

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Mammal - Steve Parker

Dorling Kindersley / Eyewitness
One of the most interesting and studied groups of animals, mammals are adapted to many ways of life — they can swim, walk, fly, live underwater or high up in forest trees. This collection of superb specially commissioned photographs brings their fascinating world vividly to life. Starting with a comparison of the two most famous mammals, humans and chimpanzees, the book describes the evolution and classification of a large variety of mammals, going on to look in detail at their anatomy. It follows a mammal from birth, showing how it grows, and the stages of life. Feeding, suckling, grooming, and playing are also studied.
Produced in association with the Natural History Museum, London, this book is a unique and compelling introduction to mammals’ variety and complexity.
— Here is a spectacular and informative guide to the natural world of mammals.
— Stunning, real-life photographs of bushbabies, badgers, wallabies, and more, offer a unique «eyewitness» view of the natural history of animal behaviour and anatomy.
— See how newborn mice develop; what the inside of a molehill looks like; what a whale has inside its mouth; how a chinchilla keeps its fur clean; the only mammals that can fly
— Learn how to recognize mammal footprints, why some animals store food in their cheek pouches; why you are a mammal; how the porcupine frightens its enemies
— Discover how camels can walk on sand; what mammals looked like in the Ice Age; why some mammals have spines instead of fur; what whiskers are for; why a wallaby has a pouch

ISBN: 9780863183409
твердый переплет, 64 стр.
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