Suzanne Macpherson — She Woke Up Married, 2005 год

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She Woke Up Married - Suzanne Macpherson

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Paris James has come to Las Vegas to take the sting off turning the dreaded «Three-O». But one glass of bubbly leads to another — and when the redhead wakes up the next morning, she finds to her astonishment she’s in bed with … Elvis! The good news is it’s the young, sexy Elvis. The bad news is there’s a diamond ring on her finger. Sometime during the evening she actually married The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll! Well, what happened in Vegas better stay in Vegas, right?
But not if Turner Pruitt has anything to say about it. Because years before he put on his first pair of blue suede shoes, Turner knew the real Paris … She’s running away, as usual, but he knows her deepest secrets, and as much as she struggles against love, Paris is going to need him by her side as she faces her demons head-on.
Because this time, Paris James has met her match.

ISBN: 978-0-06-051769-4
мягкая обложка, 384 стр.
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Так же интересно

Многокорпусный улей. Чертежи
Дом, в котором живут числа :)
АРМ "Автохозяйство"

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