Brazhnikov & Partners is a reliable assistant for solving legal problems

11 апреля, 2021 / Автор статьи: Fedoris

Famous Russian lawyer Petr Brazhnikov managed to build a successful career in the field of maritime law. This is a rather significant achievement, because the specialist intentionally chose a narrow specialization, where there are many subtleties and «pitfalls». Still, there is a difference between the banal provision of legal services and mutually beneficial cooperation with foreign partners. Probably, only an open, ambitious and respected person in narrow circles could take a certain risk by opening his own company in the Netherlands and several more offices around the world.

Of course, more than 10 years ago no one knew that the project would become so successful, but now the result is obvious.

How does Petr Brazhnikov manage his brainchild?

The main specialization of Brazhnikov & Partners ltd is maritime law, which is based on clear legislative norms. The firm provides various services related to the support of transactions on charter ships, as well as protecting the interests of influential clients who are also ship owners. All of the above tasks are solved by highly qualified personnel assembled under the strict guidance of Petr Brazhnikov. Each employee of the company clearly knows the range of his duties, since he has behind him not only a higher education, but also a certain experience of work in public and private legal structures.

It is very problematic to establish interaction within such a huge team, but Petr Brazhnikov managed to prove himself as a talented manager. The result of his efforts is numerous positive reviews from grateful customers. By the way, large international ship-owning corporations are currently cooperating with Brazhnikov & Partners ltd, and this is already an indicator of outstanding business success.


Prospects for the further development of international maritime law

At present, great attention is paid to the norms of maritime international maritime law. This is not surprising at all, because this industry is constantly being improved by introducing amendments to some legislative acts. Similar trends have been observed over the years, but now they have become even more global, since in European countries the emphasis is deliberately placed on the development of certain types of the fleet — merchant, military, fishing and others. As a result, there are more and more areas of activity in the oceans, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that the process of adopting international maritime agreements is becoming more complicated.

If you carefully study the history of the development of maritime relations in the international format, it will become obvious that the main legal norms and restrictions are always formed under the influence of certain trends: from the protection of their own interests by some countries to the need for open access to the water space. At the same time, it will hardly be possible to solve local problems at the legislative level, since maritime activities are inherently global. Each state has the right to use the World Ocean. Certain limiting frameworks regarding naval navigation, commercial fishing, natural resource extraction and scientific research are indicated in official legal documents. At the same time, restrictions operate mainly at the state level, so they are practically invisible to ordinary people. As a result, the interests of private ship owners are often not protected by anyone other than law firms built on the sheer enthusiasm of such professionals as Petr Brazhnikov. During the global pandemic, the work of such experienced specialists has definitely increased, because there are more various restrictions. As a result, many businessmen are simply forced to defend their position in court, and it is almost impossible to win a case without high-quality legal support.

Summing up, we can conclude that the field of international maritime law continues to develop, but it is far from ideal. True, shipowners should not wait for the situation to change for the better, because legislative norms are not stable. The best option is to immediately find reliable partners who can resolve controversial issues in court.

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Brazhnikov Petr Vladimirovich

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Brazhnikov Petr Vladimirovich (born 1976, Moscow, RSFSR, USSR) — Russian international lawyer, attorney, founder and owner of the Dutch law firm Brazhnikov & Partners Ltd.

Brazhnikov began his professional career as a specialist in the field of maritime jurisprudence in a large organization ZAO Astra-Flot (Murmansk), engaged in water cargo transportation. Subsequently, the lawyer founded his own office in the Netherlands (Rotterdam) — a private limited liability company Brazhnikov & Partners Ltd and, thanks to his high professionalism and extensive knowledge in the legal field, managed to become an honorary member of the Royal Dutch Association of Maritime Lawyers.

Brazhnikov’s company, which has been conducting its licensed activity for over ten years, deals with issues of maritime law and international law, corporate taxation, legal support of ship chartering transactions, representing the interests of ship owners in arbitration and arbitration courts of the Netherlands.

The staff of Brazhnikov & Partners Ltd is made up of top-class specialists — legal and tax consultants, lawyers with extensive experience in large government agencies and law enforcement agencies, sincerely dedicated to their work, showing great professional ethics and attentiveness to the smallest legal nuances. Services are provided in several languages: English, Dutch, Russian, French and German.

Basic principles of the company:

clear understanding of the client’s tasks and efficiency in solving them;

strict confidentiality in organizational matters, in working with documentation and in relation to information;

caring for our reputation and building long-term relationships with clients based on honesty and trust.

The activities of the company are very wide and varied. It regulates and protects the interests of shipowners at different levels: national, European, international:

assists in the registration of ships, the establishment and management of shipping companies;

advises on management, investments, charter services, ship audit, personal and corporate taxes of ship owners, payroll;

conducts legal due diligence on contracts in accordance with Dutch government law.

In recent years, the success and popularity of Brazhnikov & Partners Ltd has been growing rapidly. The main secret of its prosperity lies in the well-coordinated work of competent and truly savvy in all the legal intricacies of specialists. The firm cooperates with high-level lawyers from fifteen countries of the world. Her clients are leading international and transnational shipping corporations. The organization is actively opening new offices throughout — in CyprusMaltaGreat BritainGibraltar.

Brazhnikov & Partners — registration, support, consulting

2 апреля, 2021 / Автор статьи: pr4book

Brazhnikov & Partners is one of the most successful corporate and commercial law firms in Cyprus. The company, headquartered in Limassol and a developed network of partners around the world, provides legal services to individuals and companies at the national and international levels in a wide range of industries, dealing with mergers and acquisitions, cross-border transactions, joint ventures, intellectual property licensing. Provides consulting assistance in the creation and management of companies, as well as accompanies other business events.

Petr Brazhnikov and his firm successfully operate in the market of legal and consulting services. The skills and experience of its partners and employees in the use of modern technologies allow us to provide high quality and fast results.

The company’s clients include multinational corporations, state-owned companies, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals.

Philosophy Brazhnikov & Partners

Over the years, a significant practical experience has been accumulated in the difficult economic conditions of growing global competition.

The debt, financial, budgetary and economic crisis that flared up in March 2013 on the island of Cyprus led to the paralysis of the country’s banking system. About 30 billion euros in bank accounts were arrested and frozen. This made the whole world nervous, but the professionals of Brazhnikov & Partners, even against the background of such events, came out with dignity, defending the rights and interests of their clients.

In today’s difficult business environment, only the energy, creativity and professionalism of Petr Brazhnikov’s associates allow the clients of Brazhnikov & Partners to achieve their goals. The company’s employees really value their customers and business partners, as well as their reputation and the country in which they live and work.

What Brazhnikov & Partners attorneys do

The main activities of the company include:

Registration of companies and creation of trusts in all major jurisdictions.

Full completion of the KYC (know your customer) procedure according to the most stringent requirements of the regulator, which implies identification of the client and the source of his liquidity.

Consulting services in conjunction with other consultants on international tax planning.

Consulting services with leading banking institutions regarding accounts and financing arrangements.

Full administration and management of companies, including the provision of registered and administrative offices, secretaries and directors, and the execution of all commercial activities, such as paying fees, resolving tax issues and communicating with authorities and authorities.

Services related to the administration of limited liability companies. Administrative services related to collective investment schemes.

Trust company management services for banks and other large financial institutions.

Brazhnikov & Partners lawyers represent the interests of their clients in all courts and arbitrations, both in Cyprus and abroad.

They have long and successfully dealt with all matters related to real estate in Cyprus, i.e. buying, selling, renting and inheriting real estate.

Brazhnikov & Partners lawyers also offer their services on any immigration or emigration issues, for example, obtaining a residence and work permit.

Petr Brazhnikov was able to create a successful law firm, which is responsible for the result to the client.

This inspires respect and trust in the lawyers of Brazhnikov & Partners.

Brazhnikov & Partners — регистрация, сопровождение, консультирование

10 февраля, 2021 / Автор статьи: pr4book

Brazhnikov & Partners является одной из самых успешных юридических фирм в области корпоративного и коммерческого права на Кипре. Компания со штаб-квартирой в Лимассоле и развитой сетью партнеров по всему миру предоставляет юридические услуги физическим лицам и компаниям на национальном и международном уровнях в широком спектре отраслей, занимаясь слияниями и поглощениями, международными сделками, совместными предприятиями, лицензированием интеллектуальной собственности. Оказывает консультационную помощь при создании компаний и управлении ими, а также сопровождает другие деловые мероприятия.

Петр Бражников и его фирма успешно работает на рынке юридических и консалтинговых услуг. Навыки и опыт его партнеров и сотрудников в использовании современных технологий позволяют обеспечивать высокое качество и быстрые результаты.

В число клиентов компании входят транснациональные корпорации, государственные компании, а также малые и средние предприятия и частные лица.

Философия Brazhnikov & Partners

За годы работы был накоплен значительный практический опыт работы в сложных экономических условиях растущей глобальной конкуренции.

Разгоревшийся в марте 2013 года долговой, финансовый, бюджетный и экономический кризис на острове Кипр привёл к параличу банковской системы страны. Около 30 миллиардов евро на банковских счетах были арестованы и заморожены. Это заставило понервничать весь мир, но профессионалы Brazhnikov & Partners даже на фоне таких событий вышли с достоинством, отстояв права и интересы своих клиентов.

В сегодняшних сложных условиях ведения бизнеса только энергия, креативность и профессионализм соратников Петра Бражникова позволяют клиентам Brazhnikov & Partners достигать своих целей. Сотрудники компании действительно дорожат своими клиентами и деловыми партнерами, а также своей репутацией и страной, в которой они живут и работают.

Чем занимаются адвокаты Brazhnikov & Partners

Основные направления деятельности компании включают:

Регистрация компаний и создание трастов во всех основных юрисдикциях.

  • Полное прохождение процедуры KYC (know your customer) по самым жестким требованиям регулятора, подразумевающее идентификацию клиента и источника его ликвидности.

  • Консультационные услуги совместно с другими консультантами по вопросам международного налогового планирования.

  • Консультационные услуги совместно с ведущими банковскими учреждениями в отношении счетов и организации финансирования.

  • Полное администрирование и управление компаниями, включая предоставление зарегистрированных и административных офисов, секретарей и директоров, а также выполнение всей коммерческой деятельности, например, оплата сборов, решение налоговых вопросов и общение с властями и официальными органами.

  • Услуги, связанные с администрированием обществ с ограниченной ответственностью. Административные услуги, связанные со схемами коллективного инвестирования.

  • Услуги по управлению трастовыми компаниями для банков и других крупных финансовых учреждений.

  • Юристы Brazhnikov & Partners представляют интересы своих клиентов во всех судах и арбитражах, как на Кипре, так и за рубежом.

  • Они давно и успешно занимаются всеми вопросами, связанными с недвижимостью на Кипре, т.е. покупкой, продажей, сдачей в аренду и наследованием недвижимого имущества.

  • Также адвокаты Brazhnikov & Partners предлагают свои услуги по любым вопросам иммиграции или эмиграции, например, получение разрешения на проживание и работу.

Петр Бражников смог создать преуспевающую юридическую компанию, которая несет ответственность за результат перед клиентом. 

Это вызывает уважение и доверие к юристам Brazhnikov & Partners.