Danielle Steel — A Perfect Stranger, 1994 год

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A Perfect Stranger - Danielle Steel

Little, Brown and Company / —
Alex had given up all hope of finding the right woman until he saw the beautiful Raphaella — young, wealthy and desperately lonely. Trapped in an empty life by a sense of honour and duty to her elderly husband, she denied herself any right to personal happiness, until she met Alex.

ISBN: 9780751505535
мягкая обложка, 0 стр.
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ул. Пушкина 116, 114
Дьявольщина (электронная версия)

Iain M. Banks — The Algebraist, 2005 год

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The Algebraist - Iain M. Banks

Little, Brown and Company / —
It is 4034 AD. Humanity has made it to the stars. Fassin Taak, a Slow Seer at the Court of the Nasqueron Dwellers, will be fortunate if he makes it to the end of the year.
The Nasqueron Dwellers inhabit a gas giant on the outskirts of the galaxy, in a system awaiting its wormhole connection to the rest of civilisation. In the meantime, they are dismissed as decadents living in a state of highly developed barbarism, hoarding data without order, hunting their own young and fighting pointless formal wars.
Seconded to a military-religious order he’s barely heard of — part of the baroque hierarchy of the Mercatoria, the latest galactic hegemony — Fassin Taak has to travel again amongst the Dwellers. He is in search of a secret hidden for half a billion years. But with each day that passes a war draws closer — a war that threatens to overwhelm everything and everyone he’s ever known.
As complex, turbulent, flamboyant and spectacular as the gas giant on which it is set, the new science fiction novel from Iain M. Banks is space opera on a truly epic scale.

ISBN: 9781841492292
мягкая обложка, 544 стр.
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Huff Tanya — Blood Series 1: Blood Price, 2004 год

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Blood Series 1: Blood Price - Huff Tanya

Little, Brown and Company / —
This is the first book in a series of supernatural thrillers.

ISBN: 9781841493565
мягкая обложка, 336 стр.
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Jonathan Kellerman — Private Eyes, 1992 год

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Private Eyes - Jonathan Kellerman

Little, Brown and Company / —
The voice belongs to a woman, but Dr. Alex Delaware remembers a little girl. It is eleven years since seven-years-old Melissa Dickinson dialed a hospital help line for comfort — and found it in therapy with Alex Delaware. Now the lovely young heiress is desperately calling for psychologist’s help once more. Only this time it looks like Melissa’s deepest childhood nightmare is really coming true … Twenty years ago, Gina Dickinson, Melissa’s mother, suffered a grisly assault that left the budding actress irreparably scarred and emotionally crippled. Now her acid-wielding assailant is out of prison and back in L.A. — and Melissa is terrified that the monster has returned to hurt Gina again. But before Alex Delaware can even begin to soothe his former patient’s fears, Gina, a recluse for twenty, disappears. And now, unless Delaware turns crack detective to uncover the truth, Gina Dickinson will be just one more victim of a cold fury that has already spawned madness — and murder.

ISBN: 9780751500202
мягкая обложка, 584 стр.
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Robert Jordan — Winter’s Heart: Wheel of Time 9, 2001 год

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Winter's Heart: Wheel of Time 9 - Robert Jordan

Little, Brown and Company / —
Rand is on the run with Min, but his destination is a mystery to Cadsuane.
Mazrim Taim, leader of the Black Tower, is revealed to be a liar, but his purpose remains shrouded in secrecy.
Perrin is hunting desperately for Faile, now a prisoner of Sevanna’s sept. With Elyas Machera, Berelain, the Prophet, and a very mixed army of disparate forces, he is moving through country rife with bandits and roving Seanchan… while the man called Slayer is stalking the Wolf Dream and Tel’aran’rhiod.
In Tar Valon, the schemers and counter-schemers in Elaida’s White Tower are shaken to the core when Egwene and the rebels appear suddenly outside the walls.
In Ebou Dar, the Seanchan princess known as Daughter of the Nine Moons arrives — and Mat, who has been recuperating in the Tarasin Palace, is introduced to her. Will the marriage that has been foretold come about?
Winter’s Heart is a triumph of epic storytelling, and a magnificent addition to a landmark series in the fantasy genre.

ISBN: 9781841490717
мягкая обложка, 697 стр.
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Margaret Atwood — Oryx and Crake, 2004 год

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Oryx and Crake - Margaret Atwood

Little, Brown and Company / —
Pigs might not fly but they are strangely altered. So, for that matter, are wolves and racoons. A man, once named Jimmy, lives in a tree, wrapped in old bedsheets, now calls himself Snowman. The voice of Oryx, the woman he loved, teasingly haunts him. And the green-eyed Children of Crake are, for some reason, his responsibility.

ISBN: 9781844080281
мягкая обложка, 448 стр.
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Fischer Chuck — Christmas Around the World, 2007 год

16 мая, 2012 / Автор статьи: admin
Christmas Around the World - Fischer Chuck

Little, Brown and Company / —
A Christmas market in a snowy German village, an intimate French street lined with holiday lights, a photo tour of Christmas across America – all of this and more comes to life in «Christmas Around the World». With fourteen pages of stunning pop-ups, pullouts, and booklets about celebrations in France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Latin America, Russia, Scandinavia, and the United States – as well as a working Advent calendar and a charming three-dimensional Santa’s sleigh – this interactive book is an irresistible gift for anyone who loves the rich traditions of Christmas. The book features 65 color illustrations, 60 photos, and 11 booklets, with a magnificent Christmas pop-up on each page.

ISBN: 9780316117951
твердый переплет, 14 стр.
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McCall Smith Alexander — Good Husband of Zebra Drive, 2008 год

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Good Husband of Zebra Drive - McCall Smith Alexander

Little, Brown and Company / —
The eighth instalment of Alexander McCall Smith`s wonderful No.1 Ladies` Detective Agency series.

ISBN: 9780349117737
мягкая обложка, 240 стр.
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Anthony Capella — The Food of Love, 2005 год

12 мая, 2012 / Автор статьи: admin
The Food of Love - Anthony Capella

Little, Brown and Company / —
Laura Patterson is an American exchange student in Rome who, fed up with being inexpertly groped by her young Italian beaus, decides there’s only one sure-fire way to find a sensual man: date a chef. Then she meets Tomasso, who’s handsome, young — and cooks in the exclusive Templi restaurant. Perfect. Except, unbeknownst to Laura, Tomasso is in fact only a waiter at Templi — it’s his shy friend Bruno who is the chef.
But Tomasso is the one who knows how to get the girls, and when Laura comes to dinner he persuades Bruno to help him with the charade. It works: the meal is a sensual feast, Laura is utterly seduced and Tomasso falls in lust. But it is Bruno, the real chef who has secretly prepared every dish Laura has eaten, who falls deeply and unrequitedly in love.
A delicious tale of Cyrano de Bergerac-style culinary seduction, but with sensual recipes instead of love poems.

ISBN: 9780751535693
мягкая обложка, 320 стр.
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Miller Karen — Innocent Mage, 2007 год

6 мая, 2012 / Автор статьи: admin
Innocent Mage - Miller Karen

Little, Brown and Company / —
The first instalment of a fast-paced fantasy duology, brimming with action and adventure.

ISBN: 9781841496047
мягкая обложка, 624 стр.
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