Davis — Food and Beverage Management, 1998 год

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Food and Beverage Management - Davis

Butterworth-Heinemann / —
The third edition of this best-selling textbook has been completely revised and the resulting changes are as a direct result of lecturers’ feedback and to reflect current practice. It examines the whole spectrum of possibly the most technical and complex function in the hotel and catering industry, that of food and beverage management.
The new edition has been restructured and all chapters have been updated to reflect current practice. There are new chapters on the scope and functions of food and beverage management, managing quality, stewarding. The book begins with an examination and classification of the various sectors that constitute the catering industry and describes the role of food and beverage management in the context of overall catering operations. All the practical aspects of management are dealt with: purchasing, receiving, storing, issuing, sales promotion, food menus and beverage lists, production and service.
Food and Beverage Management provides a sound textbook for students at degree and diploma level and is designed to cover HCIMA professional qualifications.
Market leading, high quality textbook with top authors and excellent track record
Full of new examples and includes 2 new chapters as a result of lecturer feedback
Author team now includes Andrew Lockwood, experienced author and senior lecturer at the University of Surrey

ISBN: 9780750632867
мягкая обложка, 416 стр.
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Davis — Handbook of research methods in experimental psychology, 2003 год

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Handbook of research methods in experimental psychology - Davis

Blackwell Publishers / —
The Handbook of Research Methods in Experimental Psychology presents a comprehensive and contemporary treatment of research methodologies used in experimental psychology. The volume is divided into three sections: Part One places experimental psychology in historical context and provides insights into current activities and future trends, Part Two investigates the changing nature of research methodology, experimental design, and analytic procedures, and Part Three features research in selected content areas. The chapters, written by leading researchers in the field, discuss topics such as cross-cultural research, ethical issues, research with animals, comparative psychology, sensation and perception research methods, physiological psychology, and research methods in human memory, cognition, motivation, and psychophysics.This handbook coherently illustrates the range of research methodologies used in experimental psychology and is a vital resource for both students and scholars who wish to expand their knowledge.

ISBN: 9780631226499
твердый переплет, 520 стр.
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Davis — Move Ahead 3 Teacher’s Book, 2002 год

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Move Ahead 3 Teacher's Book - Davis

Macmillan Publishers / —

ISBN: 9780333789032
?, 0 стр.
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Davis — Ways of Doing

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Ways of Doing - Davis

Cambridge University Press / —
Ways of Doing helps students discover how they do things, both inside and outside the classroom. Based largely on humanistic principles, it over 100 activities designed to encourage students to think, speak and write in English about areas they may never have discussed in their mother tongue. Ways of Doing is a rich source of stimulating and easy-to-use lesson ideas requiring minimal preparation. The activities, which are suitable for a range of levels and ages, deal with the following areas: — examining the patterns and processes in students’ everyday life — exploring both the mother tongue and the foreign language — group dynamics — exploring and exploiting the course book — ways of learning — correction and feedback. There is also a special teacher development section.

ISBN: 9780521585590
мягкая обложка, 181 стр.
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