Hewitt — Handbook of Atmospheric Science, 2003 год

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Handbook of Atmospheric Science - Hewitt

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The alarming consequences of global climate change have highlighted the need to take urgent steps to combat the causes of air pollution. Hence, understanding the Earth’s atmosphere is a vital component in Man’s emerging quest for developing sustainable modes of behavior in the 21st century.Written by a team of expert scientists, the Handbook of Atmospheric Science provides a broad and up-to-date account of our understanding of the natural processes that occur within the atmosphere. It examines how human activities have had a detrimental effect on the climate, and how measures may be implemented in order to modify these activities. The book progresses through chapters covering the principles of atmospheric science and the current problems of air pollution at the urban, regional, and global scales, to the tools and applications used to understand air pollution.The Handbook of Atmospheric Science offers an excellent overview of this multidisciplinary subject and will prove invaluable to both students and researchers of atmospheric science, air pollution, and global change.

ISBN: 9780632052868
твердый переплет, 648 стр.
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