James Mousner — Color Harmony: Packaging, 2008 год

5 апреля, 2012 / Автор статьи: admin
Color Harmony: Packaging - James Mousner

Rockport Publishers / —
Selecting the right color palette for any design project, whether personal or commercial, can make all the difference in getting it right. But choosing the right colors for packages in retail environment competing with thousands of other products, it is especially important to hit the right color note. Unfortunately, for most people choosing colors is not an easy process, but with a little bit of science and some color advice, anyone can make a strong choice.
This book will take the 23 adjectives from The Complete Color Harmony and show 10 different packages in a variety of categories in 3 color combinations each for every adjective. The result is 1,035 color/layout variations illustrating how colors are used to great effect in design.

ISBN: 9781592534029
?, 256 стр.
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