Montse Borras — Hotel Spaces, 2008 год

23 мая, 2012 / Автор статьи: admin
Hotel Spaces - Montse Borras

Rockport Publishers / —
Hotel owners and designers recognize that the range of style options now available to appeal to hotel customers is not only endless but that creativity and distinction in this area of the hotel business is essential to success. Everyday, hotel owners give more and more freedom to today’s most recognized architects and designers to create looks that are unique and make a personal statement about the hotel’s clientel. This book, divided into room types such as lobbies, restaurants, bars, lounges, guest rooms, spas and sports facilities, showcases an array of some of the most recently built and inventive hotels in the world.
More than 400 international hotels are featured.

ISBN: 9781592534326
твердый переплет, 216 стр.
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Montse Borras — 150 Best Kitchen Ideas, 2009 год

28 августа, 2011 / Автор статьи: admin
150 Best Kitchen Ideas - Montse Borras

HarperCollins US / —
New ideas on how to design, build, and decorate a kitchen are always of essential value to architects, designers, and homeowners. This new addition to a successful series offers an extensive collection of both modern and traditional kitchen designs from all over the world, plans devised by distinguished international architects and designers who have worked to achieve practical, innovative, and stunning solutions adapted to the specific needs and particular tastes of their clients. An exciting compilation, «150 Best Kitchen Ideas» expresses the diversity of current trends in kitchen design focusing on decor — materials, lighting, colours, and windows — and specifics such as tables, wall units, flooring, appliances, and countertops. It is an inspirational source of ideas for those active in the field of design or interested in updating the focal point of their homes.

ISBN: 978-0-06-170440-6
твердый переплет, 600 стр.
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