Nancy Holder — Carnival of Souls (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), 2006 год

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Carnival of Souls (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) - Nancy Holder

Simon & Schuster / —
There’s something troubling about Professor Caligari’s Traveling Carnival. Perhaps it’s that no one can recall the arrival of its hard-to-miss caravan of old-style wagons, countless performers, and horse-drawn carts. Maybe it’s the creepy calliope music that tirelessly beckons visitors. Let’s face it, an enigma that chooses Sunnydale nearly guarantees it’s up to more than wholesome family entertainment.
After a visit to the carnival’s Hall of Mirrors, a once-shy pair of homely sophomore twins parades the halls of Sunnydale High like diva supermodels on a runway. Intuiting the twins’ abrupt personality change as more than a self-confidence boost, Buffy — joined by Angel, Giles, and the rest of the Scoobies — decides to investigate the suspicious carnival firsthand. But soon it’s apparent that the price of admission is higher than she imagined. Those who enter the carnival’s attractions exit…changed. Each of the gang soon shows extreme displays of vice. Willow is wracked with envy. Cordelia’s greed consumes her. Xander unleashes his gluttony. Angel reveals a lusty new persona. And a dark anger rises in Giles. But it’s Buffy’s now-blinding pride that threatens to overpower her, and in the process destroy those she loves….

ISBN: 9781416911821
мягкая обложка, 320 стр.
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Nancy Holder — Blood and Fog (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), 2003 год

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Blood and Fog (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) - Nancy Holder

Simon & Schuster / —
The strongest magick ever distilled, and the deadliest butcher England has ever known…
Buffy Summers is on the trail of a killer demon in Sunnydale, and reluctantly accepts the help of Spike. Anything’s better than his moping around. But Spike — as usual — has his own agenda, and it involves something the demon is carrying: a vial of pure magickal power. Spike knows plenty of people and demons who will pay top dollar for this vial: Doc, Rack…and an ancient evil known as The First.
Spike has encountered The First before. In the good old days in Victorian London, when Spike, Drusilla, Angelus, and Darla ran through the night in pursuit of dark fun, another evil being was stalking the streets, dispatching young women with brutal efficiency. But when the so-called «Jack the Ripper» struck too close to their twisted «family», the vampires found themselves on the same side as the Slayer of that time. Working to bring down Jack, and running afoul of The First, Spike and the Slayer formed an uneasy alliance, which followed Spike all through the twentieth century to present day Sunnydale, now blanketed in a mysterious fog….

ISBN: 9780743400398
мягкая обложка, 304 стр.
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Nancy Holder — Queen of the Slayers (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), 2006 год

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Queen of the Slayers (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) - Nancy Holder

Simon & Schuster / —
No vacation. No benefits. And the only retirement is an early death.
With the closing of the Hellmouth and the awakening of hundreds of potential slayers, Buffy Summers thought she had overturned the Slayer’s self-sacrifice and earned herself a much-deserved break. But the thrill of victory is short-lived. The Forces of Darkness are not ones to graciously accept defeat, and the collective rage unites disparate and powerful parties more eager than ever to reclaim dominance.
Willow’s magickal distribution of the slayer essence left girls across the world discovering their latent power. Giles races to reorganize the now much-needed Watchers Council, and the Scoobies relocate to Europe. And there in Rome, Buffy is drawn to the Immortal — a charismatic, if inscrutable, figure. But then comes word that a number of the fresh slayers are being coerced to join an army of slayers — governed by the mysterious «Queen of the Slayers», an awesome evil determined to claim the intoxicating slayer essence for herself.
Xander is sent to Africa to learn more about the origin of the slayer essence. Instead, he returns to report that, alarmingly, there’s not enough good in the world to counteract the overabundance of evil, and that the deciding apocalypse is drawing much too near. Alliances are formed and loyalties betrayed as it comes down to slayer versus slayer, leading to an ultimate battle of champions — from Buffy’s past and present. And then an unimaginable gift arrives…

ISBN: 9781416902416
мягкая обложка, 352 стр.
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Nancy Holder — The Evil That Men Do: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 2000 год

21 октября, 2011 / Автор статьи: admin
The Evil That Men Do: Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Nancy Holder

Simon & Schuster / —
EVIL DWELLS HERE After a vicious shooting spree, the town of Sunnydale is shell-shocked. What could have sparked the random rampage? Buffy Summers can guess. Considering the prophetic dreams she’s been having, the Slayer suspects possession by an especially malevolent force. As the police follow their typical false leads, the Slayerettes start up their own research into possible paranormal causes. But when Oz’s van is discovered on the side of the road, minus one teen wolf, a distraught Willow turns on Buffy, disrupting the investigation. With the pressure in Sunnydale mounting, the residents’ reactions to stress grow increasingly unpredictable. The Slayer continues her search for answers, narrowly surviving an attack by a well-trained and powerful vampire who brought a gruesome death to every Slayer who crossed her path. Is this the ancient creature behind the recent influx of evil? Or is there another influence… close to home?

ISBN: 978-0-671-02635-6
мягкая обложка, 352 стр.
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