Xiangiu Zhang — Intelligent System for Engine Tribological Design, 2004 год

20 июля, 2012 / Автор статьи: admin
Intelligent System for Engine Tribological Design - Xiangiu Zhang

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The internal combustion is widely used as a power source in engineering. As the demands placed upon engines have increased, tribology has come to play an increasingly important role in their development.
This book is a creative combination of intelligent design technology and the tribological design of engines: engine tribology, information science, artificial intelligence, non numerical algorithms, modern design technology and dynamics to propose new methodology and technology for tribological engine design. It not only presents an effective approach to l engine design but also explores a new pattern for research and l design methodology.
— An essential reference for the design of more effective and efficient engines
— Proposes new techniques for tribological engine design
— Combines advanced design technologies with traditional tribological design methods

ISBN: 9780444517562
твердый переплет, 212 стр.
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