Tristan Manco — Street Sketchbook, 2007 год

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Street Sketchbook - Tristan Manco

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Here is privileged access to the sketchbooks of some of the world’s leading street and graffiti artists. These are very private spaces, often reserved for a handful of friends.
The book showcases an incredible diversity of working methods, innovative approaches and personal fixations, typographic explorations, alter egos, storyboards, mythological creatures, anatomical studies, architectural drawings and extreme doodling.
Over 65 artists worldwide are represented, including Banksy (UK), A. J. Purdy (USA), Eroné (France), Joska (Germany), Microbo (Italy), Laguna (Spain), Bfree (Holland), Ekta (Sweden), Neb (Belgium) and Zbiok (Poland). They work across different media, including illustration, painting, design and animation, but graffiti and street art are common links between many of them.

ISBN: 9780500513620
твердый переплет, 272 стр.
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