Vrins Olivier — Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights Through Border Measures: Law and Practice in EU, 2006 год

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Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights Through Border Measures: Law and Practice in EU - Vrins Olivier

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— A practical guide to using border measures against the importation of goods infringing intellectual property rights into the European Union
— The book gives ^full ^ coverage of EC Regulation 1383/2003 concerning customs action against goods suspected of infringing certain intellectual property rights and 1891/2004 laying down provisions for its implementation
— Written by a specialist practitioner editor and contributor team giving all practical aspects of problems involving multi-state abuses of intellectual property rights (including how to contact customs authorities, useful website addresses, and more)
— Pulls together a substantial amount of key information not always readily available, thereby saving valuable research time
— Reader-friendly layout with consistent design for all of the 25 national reports, facilitating the ability to compare different national approaches and make strategic decisions
This book is a practical guide on anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy measures at the borders of the enlarged European Community. It deals with all aspects of ‘border measures’ under Regulation (EC) 1383/2003. As well as providing a thorough description of the implementation of the new regime, the publication also fills in the gaps by including areas of national law, thus providing a coherent overview of the application of the current regime of border measures in place within the European Union.
The main topics addressed are: (i) the general background behind the phenomena of counterfeiting and piracy in Europe (by Prof. Michael Blakeney); (ii) the international legal framework for border measures (Paris Convention, Berne Convention, TRIPS, WIPO Model Provisions, etc.) (by Prof. Daniel Gervais), as well as (EC) Regulation 1383/2003, Implementing Regulation 1891/2004 and the case law of the European Court of Justice (by Mr Schneider and Mr Vrins); (iii) the main part of the book is devoted to national reports on the application of border measures in all 25 Member Countries of the European Community; (iv) the last Chapter of the book highlights the similarities and differences in the approaches adopted by the Member States when faced with infringements of intellectual property rights at the borders, and attempts to emphasize how these are relevant to right-holders when defining their strategies in the fight against such infringements.
This manual is the very first English language publication dealing with the practical application of Regulation 1383/2003 in all 25 Member Countries of the European Community.

ISBN: 9780199288793
твердый переплет, 1414 стр.
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