Wadham — Blackstone’s Guide to Human Rights Act 1998, 4ed, 2006 год

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Blackstone's Guide to Human Rights Act 1998, 4ed - Wadham

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The Blackstone’s Guides Series delivers concise and accessible books covering the latest legislation changes and amendments. Published within weeks of an Act, or soon after significant legislative change, they offer expert commentary by leading names on the effects, extent and scope of the legislation, plus a full copy of the Act or legislation itself. They offer a cost-effective solution to key information needs and are the perfect companion for any practitioner needing to get up to speed with the latest changes.
Human rights law in the UK continues to evolve as a result of cases from both the domestic and Strasbourg Courts. The fourth edition of this bestselling text:
— Analyses the impact of Convention rights in landmark judgments from areas such as constitutional law, discrimination law and criminal law
— Explains how the UK courts are exercising their interpretative obligation to read legislation compatibly with Convention rights
— Examines the notion of ‘judicial deference’ and how it has been applied in key cases
— Maps the beginnings of a divergence in approach between the UK and Strasbourg Courts to human rights protection
The new edition puts these recent developments in context and provides an up-to-date, clear, and concise, explanation of how the Human Rights Act has been applied. It summarises the interpretative techniques that lawyers need to understand, highlights the latest key domestic cases, and outlines the scope of the Convention articles.
This fourth edition has been rewritten and restructured, with the addition of footnotes, to ensure even greater ease of use, and contains the full text of the Human Rights Act 1998 (as amended), the European Convention on Human Rights, and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.

ISBN: 9780199299577
мягкая обложка, 460 стр.
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