Werner Spies — Fernando Botero: Paintings and Drawings, 2008 год

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Fernando Botero: Paintings and Drawings - Werner Spies

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One of the most celebrated living artists in Latin America, Botero has gained international fame capturing the whimsy of life by painting corpulent and comical figures. His wideranging subject matter is deeply rooted in his South American heritage and includes portraits, bordello scenes, nudes, bullfights, landscapes and still lifes.
The paintings and drawings collected in this book provide a comprehensive overview of the artist’s work in these media and fascinating glimpse into his unique artistic world. The book also includes an introduction that discusses Botero’s place in contemporary art, a fascinating interview with the artist, biographical notes as well as six short stories by the artist, rounding out this compelling book on Botero’s paintings and drawings.

ISBN: 9783791338064
мягкая обложка, 180 стр.
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