William Shakespeare — Othello, 2008 год

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Othello - William Shakespeare

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The Oxford Shakespeare General Editor: Stanley Wells The Oxford Shakespeare offers authoritative texts from leading scholars in editions designed to interpret and illuminate the plays for modern readers — A new, modern-spelling text, collated and edited from all existing printings — Extensive introduction gives full attention to the play’s bold treatment of racial themes, gender, and social relations — Detailed performance history designed to meet the needs of theatre professionals — On-page commentary and notes explain language, word-play, and staging — Appendices on music in the play and a full translation of the Italian novella from which the story derives — Illustrated with production photographs and related art — Full index to introduction and commentary — Durable sewn binding for lasting use ‘not simply a better text but a new conception of Shakespeare. This is a major Top page achievement of twentieth-century scholarship.’

ISBN: 9780199535873
мягкая обложка, 512 стр.
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